39 track no skip merging

My apologies for what seems like a FAQ; How do I combine several tracks together without it skipping every track and without fading effects;
I’ve tried what I’ve always done in the past by cutting and pasting on the, from the best of my efforts, ‘precise end’ of the track; the audio I’m trying to render has ‘smooth crossing-over’ as my highest priority; why I’ve realized that it’s skipping is because when played in winamp (without cross-fading) it runs perfectly smooth jumping to the next track; so if this ‘smooth cross-over’ deal doesn’t work out I may as well record an hour or so of audio with winamp; That seems like I could lose a lot of quality and possibly mess up timing;

Please help me out!

And what is the problem? Is it that the alignment is not precise enough? If so, zoom in very close on the “join” so that you can get it totally accurate (Ctrl+Mousewheel, or use the zoom tool).

To avoid getting clicks at the join, trim the audio so that the ends of each clip are on the zero amplitude line. (sometimes a very short “fade out / fade in” can help).