36 Sec clip with mic distortion - Can anything be done?

I have been struggling with this snippit for some time now…it has mic distortion on it and I just haven’t been able to fix it…the clip is only 36 sec long but it is still driving me bananas.

Can anything be done to salvage it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, now I throw myself on the wisdom of the crowd rather than off a bridge in frustration.

Ta muchley

NeedHelpPls.zip (571 KB)

Sorry, it’s beyond repair.

I’m no expert on these matters but I’d say that guy was way too close to the mike - and that’s bad mike technique.

This is where you need to have headphones so you can hear that kind of distortion in time to correct it right away instead of waiting for the end of an hour show. Pay attention to the recording meters, too. Note the song at the end of that clip is just slightly lower in volume and it’s perfectly clean.

Live voices are very difficult. When you hear a radio broadcast or a recording, those voices have been very highly processed and managed to sound loud without distorting.

And yes, you’re stuck with that. That kind of distortion is one of the show killers.


So can nothing be done at all to improve it?