32 bit Float


I just wanted to ask what is the exact buffer size of a 32 bit float in Audacity? I’m doing some SNR calculation and I need to know its buffer size to get the SNR. What does a 32 bit float means?

Once the audio file being imported to Audacity, Are there ways to get sampling at any time specified. For example, I have 4 minute audio file. Then I’ll try to get the dB at some point of time let say at 0.25 min sec, what is its dB? I tried manually but I cannot get the accurate dB by looking at the dB at the left side.


32bit float is a rather complicated way of achieving extremely high precision calculations. There is an explanation here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_754-1985

For the “peak” dB, the easiest way to get a figure is to select (left mouse click + drag) the audio that you want to find the peak value of, then select “Amplify” from the Effects menu.

The Amplify effect is automatically set to the maximum amount of amplification that can be applied to the audio without causing clipping.
To put it another way, the number of dB that Amplify will automatically be set at, is the number of dB below zero of the selection. If Amplify is set to amplify by (example) 11.5dB, then the peak amplitude of the selection is currently -11.5dB (minus 11.5)

From my point of view, A 32 bit system will most likely have 32 bit integers, so the largest value is 4,294,967,296. You can only assume the range of -32,767 to 32,767 for int if you want your code to be portable though. If you want at least a 32 bit data type then long int is the way to go.

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