3.5.1 CPU usage and overheating / fan noise

Hi. I’ve been using 3.5.1 since it’s update a couple of months ago. I record with my laptop in the booth with me, which has never been a problem because it runs very cool and the fan Never Comes on. But the past many weeks that has changed. The moment I hit record in audacity the CPU temperature cranks up and the fan kicks on. It’s been a real problem, and I thought perhaps I had other processes running or needed to clean out the laptop vents. But after having all of that checked and dismissed, I decided perhaps it might be something wrong with the program itself. So I reverted my version by installing the previous 3.4.2, then immediately started recording, and 40 minutes into it the fan has never turned on. It is 100% the updated audacity that is causing excessive CPU usage, laptop overheating, and the fan to kick on. Please look into what is causing this, otherwise I will have to be content to live with this older version if I want to keep equipment in the booth with me.

I’m using 3.4.2 until the developers stomp out a few of the serious problems in the 3.5 series.

What’s the machine? On a Mac, I can list the programs and apps taking up all the horsepower.


Maybe not that kind of noise. I have a sound test here (somewhere) where I tested screens for radiation noise. They’re not just quiet little workers. They do radiate electrical trash.


Various screens radiate more or less.

If you’re reading for audiobooks, background noise (Room Tone) is a big deal. Noise is a very common production failure.


Hi, thanks kozikowski,

Yes I’ll stick with the 3.4.2 as well. I have no problem with it. I’m using an HP pc, and I’ve been recording with this setup for years with the microphone plugged into my PC in my recording space with me. I have no problem getting a absolute quiet room tone background. None of my audiobooks have ever failed ACX standards. And I’ve never had a problem running audacity before. I’m sure there’s some other minor processes on the PC that are using up tiny fractions of the cpu, but generally it runs very cool with no problems at all. As soon as I started using 3.5 that all changed. The fan kicks on literally the minute I hit record, and continues to kick on every 4 minutes or so until I stopped recording. But now that I have uninstalled it and moved back to 3.4.2, I’ve been recording all night tonight and it hasn’t turned on a single time. Problem solved. That’s interesting to know about the electrical noise however. I don’t seem to have that problem maybe because I’m not that close to the pc, it’s maybe 3 ft from the mic.