3.4.x no longer supports old fashioned 'drag n drop' in windows :(

gang -

the 3.3.3 build and earlier allowed any recognizable sound clip to be opened by merely dragging on to the editor.

since 3.4.0, that stopped. we used to have a library option in preferences, but that has since been gone.

is this a bug/feature/desired behaviour?

i will plan on using 3.4.2 and see how things work w/ my projects, but that is kinda a big deal for me. :slight_smile:

drag’n’drop works for me. What does your modules page look like? Are you missing some of these options here?

affirmative. i am using a asio build from the git code. but the 3.3.3 asio build seems to work fine.

was said to be in the debug, but not the general release.

make sure you build the ALL_BUILD, not just audacity.exe.

that would make sense… thanks :slight_smile: