3.4.2 version - Failing to record an extract from an audio programme online, successfully

I am having an issue after I downloaded the 3.4.2 version on my laptop (PC) equipped with Windows, 64 bit installer
I have been trying to record an audio file from a radio programme (a 2’ min extract from the programme ) and export the mp3 file .
I used to record the same type of programme with the former audacity version - and it worked fine.
Unfortunately, it does not seem to work with the new version.

The original audio programme contains music, at the beginning. Then, we can hear people talk for some time, then music again.

Yet, when I play the recorded mp3 file, what we can hear is mumbled music so to say then we can not hear the people talk. I recorded this extract after I had changed a few settings from the original version of Audacity.

So I checked the Audacity instruction manual, but I am sorry it has not helped a great deal as I am not really a tech person.

Could you possibly help me ?
Thank you for your attention, in advance,

Best regards,

It’s possible to get garbled music and no speech by inverting one of the stereo tracks and mixing to mono, (or listening on a mono device).

Check you’re recording from the computer speakers, (not the in-built microphone), and that playback “audio enhancements” are off … Disable Audio Enhancements - Microsoft Support

Hello Trebor, Thank you very much indeed. I have checked cthe “recording tutorial” , then changed a few settings before recording the programme. I’m glad the programme was recorded successfully. Thank you.

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