3.4.2-No MP3, WAV etc option for Export Audio in Windows 11

No MP3 option

Also have uninstalled and reinstalled Adacity 3.4.2. No change.

Has any of this ever worked?


I am relatively new to Adacity, so have never tried it. It has take a couple weeks to put this project together so would really like to get it to the next phase as quickly as possible.

That is to be expected as the Audacity settings are deliberately contained in a folder separate from the application - so that users don’t lose their settings when they upgrade.

First try to reset using Tools > Reset Configuration and let us know if that solves the problem for you.


Tried it. No change

Thank you. Have just reopened and it is there! Closing and reopening Adacity after the Reset Configuration was ‘the ticket’. I must not have done it before, but all is well now.
The LORD Jesus bless you!

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