3.4.1 trying to run macros shifts all the tracks over randomly?

Please check out this video to see what i mean

If i go to run a macro on multiple or even a single track, it will just randomly shift the entire track over by a few seconds

Thanks for posting the video. It clearly shows the bug.
The problem appears to lie with how Audacity is calculating the start / end times when applying Nyquist effects. (The effect that you are applying in the video is a Nyquist effect).

The bug has been logged.
Unfortunately the only workaround that I’m aware of would be to go back to a previous version of Audacity until the bug is fixed. (Audacity 3.4.2 is expected soon to address multiple bugs in 2.4.0 and 2.4.1).

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Is it also going to address this bug? If it’s going to fix this bug I’ll just hold out and work around it until then.

I hope so, but I’ve really no idea when it will be fixed.

In the Manage macros dialog, you can select a macro and export it to a text file.
Could you export the macro which is causing the problem, and upload it in a reply so that I can try and reproduce the problem?

Laurent-Compress.txt (849 Bytes)

Here you go! What a cool feature.

And just to clarify, it only moves the audio if it’s part of multiple files, where some of the tracks dont start at 0.0. If all the tracks start at 0.0 it doesn’t do this.

Thanks, that was very helpful. There are bugs, with both noise reduction and with Nyquist effects (such as De-Esser).

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