3.3.3 Crashing when applying EQ

Audacity Version 3.3.3 is crashing when I apply Filter Curve EQ or Graphic EQ. Crash occurs when applying on individual or multiple tracks. Starting/re-starting Audacity and/or re-booting system do not solve problem. When I applied Compression effect, no crash, so maybe an EQ effect glitch? Perhaps uninstall/reinstall Audacity?

I’m running Audacity on Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)

I’m in post-production of my podcast “AA Recovery Interviews” that needs release today. I’ve used Audacity to engineer a couple hundred podcast episodes s over past 4 years and big fan of the program. Any help from forum will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Crash address: 0x88
Process uptime: 39 seconds

So I am assuming this is happening on a specific project. No guarantees, but something to try is to copy all of the data from your .aup3 project to a new one, skipping smart clips. To do this, Select All: Ctrl+A, then Copy: Ctrl+C, then File > New, then Paste: Ctrl+V. When prompted, Paste Selected Audio ONLY.

Another thing to try is Tracks > Mix and Render.

Thanks, I tried something similar…by opening the .aup to in a new project. Things seemed to work from there. I appreciate your taking the time to suggest a workaround!

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