3.2.4 seems more difficult-forexample moving clips

I was using the old 2.4.1 version and I could move things so much easier by cutting the space in front of the clip and it would move forward. Now with this new version the clip doesn´t move when I do that. Very annoying if you are trying to allign clips on different tracks. Is there something I´m missing here? Also I used just scroll down on Effects and choose, say, fade in and now I have to click over to a group. The same for changing volume. My main problem here is easily moving clips. Any advice ?

The setting you need to change is “Editing a Clip can move other clips” here.

For the Effects menu, the setting to change is Effect Options. Read the description for details.

I don’t know what you mean about “changing volume”. Could you explain in more detail what you expect to happen that is not happening?

– Bill