3.2.3. refuses to start after installation

I just installed audacity 3.2.3 afer which i wanted to start the program. And the program did nothing. DoI need an app to start? I looked for it but I did not find any one. How di I solve this problem. My computer is a Medion tablet, operaating on Windows 10.

There is no “3.2.3”. Do you mean “Audacity 2.3.2”?

Which model?

“Windows 10” or “Windows 10s”?

I installed the most recent version.

Not enough information.

If you are not sure how to find it using the start button try using the search button from the taskbar and type in audacity. That will find the program as " audacity app" provided the installation completed correctly. The icon is a pair of blue headphones with a squiggly red and yellow bit in the centre. Sorry if is a bit basic but you have given no indication of how far you can get.