3.1.3 Windows 10 MP3 files are huge when I export multiple

Hey all. I was an avid user of Audacity around three years ago and have only recently gotten back to it. I installed 3.1.3 and I found that when I mixed and rendered several MP3s into one file and then exported, the final file was only around 350mb. But when exported the same files as multiples the final product was around 2gb. The Project Rate and the Bit Rate were the same in each case. Does this sound normal? Thanks in advance.

Have you tried playing the “huge” MP3’s? Do they begin with a long period of silence, or do they play correctly?

Check the format and bit rate (kbps) with [u]MediaInfoOnline[/u].

The bitrate in kbps is kilo_bits_ per second and there are 8 bits in a byte so you can divide by 8 to get kilo_bytes_ per second.

For example, a 3 minute 256kbps file = 180 seconds X 256k/8 = 5760KB or 5.76MB.

(The calculation may not be exact because there is overhead for file headers and embedded metadata but this is usually insignificant unless you have embedded artwork.)

No, but that’s a good idea.

I just performed a test on some other files and now the final sizes are identical. It must’ve been a glitch or something. If it happens again I’ll try your suggestion.

That’s a great resource, thanks for that.

It’s working beautifully now.