3.1.1 problems/bugs

Just upgraded to 3.1.1 (WIN10). Program crashes using high quality pitch change …repeatable problem across multiple projects.

Also, when loading an existing project for work, there appears to be buffering in the audio the first time played. Goes away after the first time.

Lastly, 3.1.1 appears not to be backwards compatible to prior versions,including 3.1.0.

It’s not crashing here.

If you launch Audacity (empty project), generate a 30 second tone, and change the pitch by +2 semitones, does Audacity crash?

Please repost this as a separate topic and provide more details - this sounds like it deserves its own thread.

  1. It does not crash on the the tone alone. It does crash with a vocal track. I tried high quality pitch change with a vocal track (as a standalone track) with 2 semitones and .06 semitone (a trick I use to “sweeten” vocal mixes) and both crashed. It did not crash with a 2 or .06 semitone change on a piano track or a vibraphone track. Why hqpc with vocal tracks and not instrumental tracks crash the program is odd.

  2. Operating with multiple computers (i.e., one dedicated to studio recording, one dedicated to engineering/mixing, etc.). When I try to open an aup3 file saved in 3.1.1 with an older version (including 3.1.0) I get an error message that the file was saved in an newer version and I need to upgrade (and file does not open). Opening a project saved in an older version using 3.1.1 is fine.

Are you importing the vocal track from an audio file, or did you record it into Audacity?
Is it just one (vocal) audio file that crashes?

That will happen if the project uses a feature that was not available in the older version (such as “smart clips” https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/new_features_in_this_release.html#smart)

  1. Vocal tracks (3) recorded using Audacity. HQPC on any of the 3 crashes audacity. If you want, I can make one of the aup3 files saved in 3.1.1 available for testing at your end if there is a way to get it to you (you could send the instructions to do that to my email address if you do not want to make them public).

  2. The project was recorded originally in 3.0.4, some adjustments made and saved in 3.1.0. It was updated (compression, etc.) using 3.1.1 and then saved. Did not use any tools/features in 3.1.1 that were not in 3.1.0. Once saved in 3.1.1 it no longer can be opened in 3.0.4 or 3.1.0. In contrast, projects saved with a version before 3.1.1 open normally.

  3. Thanks for the info on “smart clips.” It notes "Audacity now can trim clips non-destructively by dragging the upper edge of a clip. This means that you can make clips shorter, then do some edits and then decide it should be longer anyway - the data will still be there. Copy-pasting the trimmed clip also will have that info available! " I gather that using smart clips affects the tempo (e.g., shortening the clip increases the temp) … is that correct?

im recording on the updated version of audacity but im started to record and the volume was crazy high when i played it back, and its not my gain on my interface, so i checked audacity’s recording volume which i have never had to touch and i noticed it was at 1 where its supposed to be but my recording came out crazy loud so i turned it down and it was slightly lower but ive always had it at 1 and never had this problem. Even when turning down the recording volume on audacity, its still sounding a little off but my scarlet 2i2 isnt broken or anything the gain is fine but im not sure if this is because of the update.

I have the same problem. Can’t seem to find a way to reduce the playback volume of exported files. VERY loud. Did you find a fix?

If they are just “too loud” and no other problems, turn down the volume on your player.