3.1.1 Crashed, After only 2 weeks, Help.

As I attempted to open a recent file, Audacity crashed 7 or more times. I uninstalled it, then reinstalled 3.1.1 minutes later. Still…crashed 7 or more times. It’s just sitting there now. Can you help, or is this what I should expect from the platform regularly, and should just get used to it? I have Windows 10 and started several projects. Gone now. I was told we should financially support the platform since it’s free. I having trouble processing that idea if I get crashed in less than a month. IDK…I’m a first time user…is there any hope?

I uninstalled it, then reinstalled 3.1.1 minutes later.

The Windows Audacity install system has a setting for a more thorough clean install rather than the normal reinstall that leaves old settings, adjustments, and preferences behind. It’s a selector somewhere. I’m not a Windows elf.

There’s also Tools > Reset Configuration.

The Audacity 3 versions don’t get along with external, network, or cloud drives. This should all be happening on your clean, roomy internal drive.

When was the last time you did a Windows 10 optimization or defragment? Is your internal drive filling up?

Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 5.43.05 PM.png
Leave time when you do this. If you’ve never done it and you have a large, snug drive it could take a bunch of hours.


Missed one. Don’t optimize a Solid State Drive (SSD).