I’m back! FYI When deleting a small segment, I’ve been using Ctrl K in the past. Now, I highlight the area I want to delete, do a Ctrl K, and after I do a Ctrl K and delete the portion, a window pops up saying, “Audio Not Selected”. The verbiage in the window says, “Select the audio for Delete to use (for example, Ctrl+A to select all) then try again.” Annoying.

Maybe you’re getting “key bounce” (when the “K” key is pressed, it my be sending two “k key events” to the computer).
Does the problem happen with other keys, for example, if you delete with the “Del” key?

I cannot reproduce this on W10 with 3.0.4

Update: it does happen if I hold down the Ctrl and K keys (or if I hold down the Delete key).

It dows not happen if I hold the Ctrl key and just tap the K key - or if I just tap the Delete key.