3.0.3 won't open older .aud files; or import .wav or .mp3

Just got the new 'puter (Windows 10) running 64-bit and installed Audacity 3.0.3 – It records new files, but won’t open older .aud files from the older system, and after installing FFmpeg 64 bit and locating in the library directory, it won’t import wav or mp3 files, either. Thoughts?

Any error message?

Older Audacity versions didn’t use .aud files. they used .aup Audacity Project Manager files along with _data folders of the same name.

it won’t import wav or mp3 files, either.

Windows has a nasty habit of hiding filename extensions, so you don’t really know what you have. Can you open or import and play this?


That’s an MP3 of Molly Wood from the Marketplace radio show.


Sorry, meant auP files. Thanks for the mp3. I will try it

Should 3.0.3 load .aup files from the most recent 32 bit Audacity? Do they require translating? (Trying to figure if I corrupted files in xfer, or if I need reinstall of Aud or FFmpeg).

I had the latest 32-bit version – where it is one jumbo audio file (a 1 hour @ ~4Gb working, almost 2Gb when saved), vs the “older” with the “snippets” kept in the folder with the same file name.

FFmpeg is NOT required for Audacity 3.0.3 to open (“Import”) old AUP projects. However, if the AUP file is corrupt, then you may see a message suggesting that you try with FFmpeg. FFmpeg will not actually help in this case - Audacity is only suggesting that because it does not know what to do with a corrupt AUP file.

I got an error along the lines of:

This is not an .aup file.

There is no such message. Perhaps a screenshot or photo or the exact message?

Right click on the file and select “Properties”. What does it say the name of the file is?


Please attach the “ch11.current.aup” file to your reply (See: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-attach-files-to-forum-posts/24026/1)

It’s a 2.9Gig-sized file, so I’ll spare you the download. They are being corrupted on my 2T memory stick in the tranfer. Other .wav are just fine on other sticks. Thanks for your help…

That is far too big. AUP files are never that big.

Perhaps the message was “This is not an Audacity project file”.

Audacity projects are SQLite database files. To prevent or lessen confusion between SQLite databases created by different programs, these databases are marked with an application_id. This error indicates that the although the file in question may be a SQLite database, it was not created by Audacity. Perhaps the file extension of another SQLite database was changed to .AUP3 or the tables in a .AUP3 file were copied into a database created by a different program. See also: https://www.sqlite.org/pragma.html#pragma_application_id

If you care to zip up the project and upload it to a public file sharing service, I’ll look at it if you post or PM me the link. However, it is extremely unlikely to be recoverable.