3.0.2.. Teacher Needing Help With Installing Scarlett Solo

Hello Audacity friends,

Im a teacher stuck in a tough spot. Hoping you can help me please. I bought a Scarlett Solo for my kids to use. Im new at using Audacity. How do I connect my Scarlett Solo to Audacity. Using 3.0.2.

Thank you,

Joe Paneitz

I assume you’ve installed the drivers?

Plug-in the interface before starting Audacity.

Then, select the USB interface as your [u]Recording Device[/u] (and optionally as your playback device).

The most common problem is plugging in an interface while Audacity is running. Audacity naturally checks for new connections when it starts. If you do it out of order, the interface will be invisible.

You can make Audacity check later with Transport > Rescan…

There is a diagnostic trick, too. Make sure Windows can see the interface and the Windows control panel sound meters jump. Do you have something to plug into the Solo? You didn’t mention a microphone and the Solo doesn’t make any sound by itself.