3.0.0 Noise Gate: Analyzing But Not Gating

Using Windows 10 and my new 3.0.0 install. I can use the Noise Gate effect window to analyze the noise level, but when I switch back to Gate it doesn’t appear to function. When I use Preview nothing plays. When I hit OK the effect window disappears but the waveform doesn’t change and it doesn’t create an Undo level. Am I missing a step?

Noise Gate effect window

I assume you mean Noise Reduction? The noise gate effects I have don’t analyze.

Make sure the noise profile is a sample of (low-level) noise only. i.e. It’s a “noise fingerprint” so the algorithm knows what to remove/reduce.

Nope, talking about Noise Gate. Attaching a screenshot of the effect window with Select Function: set to Analyze Noise Level. All other settings there are defaults, FWIW.

There was a problem with Noise Gate and Steve wrote a quick fix in a new plugin Noisegate2.NY - see the following post



Somehow the searching I did for “noise gate” didn’t find that thread. Thank you!