2nd track not opening when recording

Hi Steve, Koz and Guys

I like the new color scheme on 2.2.0.

in 2.1.3, I had been using the record button at a mistake point in a read and could stack them up and mix and render the final version.
Is that something I can do in 2.2.0 when I figure it out - or do I just use erase the mistake and place the cursor in front of the last correct
copy and pick up record. New trick for old dog.


“Fake” crash record always put the new work at the end of the old. I thought 2.2.0 was supposed to have “real” crash record. You place the cursor anywhere and go. Looking.


Koz, I spoke too soon. Here is the answer to my question

Appended recording on the same track in now the default

From Audacity 2.2.0 onward the default recording mode has changed so that when you click the Record button The Record button on Transport Toolbar, or use the R, Audacity will record at the end of the currently selected (or only) track.
To record on a new track
If you hold the Shift button down the Record button in Transport Toolbar will temporarily change to The Record New Track button. Then clicking on this modified Record button, or using the shortcut Shift + R will cause Audacity to create a new track and begin recording on that track from the current cursor position (or from the left edge of a region on the Timeline).


Hi Koz and Steve

I solved my issue and really appreciate the 2.2.0.