2nd opinion doesn't work

I am new to audacity and audiobook production.

I have tried (and had someone else try) to install 2nd opinion to check my files but it won’t work.
It loads and installs but once I try to launch it nothing happens.
I tried chanching the compatibility ( windows vista, 7 and 8) and still nothing. It won’t even open.

Any help welcome !

I already have ACX Check but it’s not as thorough for what’s asked of me.

“2nd opinion” is completely separate software from Audacity. I’d suggest that you ask for help from “Steven Jay Cohen” / the “2nd opinion” website.

ACX-Check only tests the mechanical or electrical specifications. Background noise, loudness, etc. If you have theatrical problems, stuttering, lip-smacks, emphasis mistakes, etc, it’s not going to help.

What you can do is read a test and post it here on the forum.


As it says in the instructions, don’t apply any filters, effects, or corrections before you post it. We can’t work with half-corrections or filter damage.

There are a couple of cautions if you’re publishing with ACX. I need to be able to buy your book on Amazon right now, and it can’t be on this list. Scroll down.


You can’t read a cookbook.


2nd Opinion is an interesting product. He rounded all the mechanical specifications up into one test suite. Super handy if you can get it to work.

If I get time I’m going to try it out. I can see possible problems with test interaction. For example, if your simple noise test fails (common with home performers) that will turn some of the other tests to trash. Does the developer force you to take tests in order, or just give you all the numbers and let you figure it out?

I’m not kidding. If you fail Head and Tail Room Tone, is it because you got the times wrong, or because all your room tones are wrong?

And we should be clear, it doesn’t test theatrical problems any more than we do with ACX-Check. This from someone who passed ACX File Quality Control perfectly but failed because of mouth noises.