24bit 96k FLAC files are not saving correctly

Mac OSX 10.6.8 on Intel 2GHz i7
Audacity 2.0 installed from DMG

Good evening - when I import a high resolution file, FLAC 24bit 96k, and save again without editing, it is saving a file at about half the original size. Audacity says that the file is being handled at 96k, but I can not tell how the file is being exported when I export FLAC. My goal is to edit and export at 24bit 96k, which should be the same file size, not half the file size. I am assuming that the saved file is not the same quality (24b/96k). Am I doing something wrong, or can Audacity not handle high resolution files?

Thanks, Rick

Do you have Quicktime 7 from the back of your install disks in addition to QTX? Open your music file in QT7 and Command-I get info. Can it read the file and tell you the specifications?

No, it won’t. Never mind. Pull down and install VLC Player, I have version 1.1.7. Open the file and Command-I info that. Select the stream and it will tell you what the specs are. Audacity is aggressive about not telling you Clip INFO.


You can select the bitrate at export and I think the sample rate is set in Audacity Preferences. Koz

Audacity can export as 96 kHz 24 bit FLAC.

As with all export formats, the sample rate is taken from the current “Project Rate” setting (see bottom left corner of the main Audacity window).
When you select FLAC as the export format, click the “Options” button and “24 bit” as the bit depth.

All - Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have tested and it does work correctly. RL