2 Tracks saved as 1 file

I am using 2.1.2 on Windows 10. It is at a Church, I was recording the service and the program “stopped” recording, so I hit the Record button again. It started a 2nd recording, when I saved the file it combined the 2 recordings into one file (mp3). So when I play it the first four minutes of the recording have both tracks playing at the same time, the balance is just one track.

How can I “unmix” the recording so I can try to save it correctly. I would rather not delete the first four (or actually 8) minutes.


You can’t. When you “export” to mp3, Audacity mixes all the tracks to produce the result.

Unless you have saved the original project, the separate recordings are forever intertwined. :frowning:

I suppose you could ask the preacher if (s)he wants to help you create a new recording. :smiley:

If you still have the project with the two tracks you can align then so that the second one starts after the first one.

The simplest way is to use Tracks > Align Tracks > Align End to End

Then do your export …


I guess I’m out of luck, I only saved it as a mp3.

Thanks for the help.

Well, you know what to do next time:

Yes I know what to do next time.

Thank you all.