2 questions

Hi all,

I have 2 questions.

  1. Is it possible to (after opening a .wav file in Audacity) to have the program record OVER an existing track rather than create a new track when I hit the record button (or use the keyboard shortcut)
  2. After editing a wav file and exporting it is it possible to NOT be prompted to save the file (in audacity format) when I try to close.

My reasoning behind these 2 questions is that I have HEAPS of files I want to record over (using the same file name) and I want to use keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process and I want to minimise keystrokes to achieve all of this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No. Audacity does not work like that.
You can however record at the end of a selected track. Transport menu > Append Record (Shift +R). If you delete the current contents of a track, then “Append Record”, you are effectively “recording over”.

Some of the warnings can be turned of in “Edit > Preferences > Warnings”.
The prompt to “Save changes before closing” cannot be turned off. The designers decided that, as with most other programs, it is too easy for users to permanently destroy their work if that warning is not there - just click “No” (each time) to not save the changes.

Thanks for the replies.

I guess both would be nice options to have to allow for specific uses. And if I as a user tell the program to not prompt me to save then I accept any data loss :wink:

But all good.

Thanks again.

I take your point, but I can’t think of any other program that lets you edit something and then close the program without asking the user if they want to save their work. We see plenty of sob stories on this forum where users manage to destroy their own work without making it easier for them to do so :wink:

I’ll add your votes.

That is the problem with the second suggestion - if this was ever implemented there would be restrictions such as you must already have exported the whole project, or exported some part of it.

We even have requests for a system to recover projects that were discarded when the user was asked if they wanted to Save Changes? and said “No” by mistake :wink:


Yep, as in my case, I was opening .wavs, editing them, exporting them as a .wav, then wanting to close the file in order to repeat the process with a new wave. Being asked to save the file additionally as an audacity project was a pain in the bottom (5000 times :wink:) but it wasnt like the files weren’t saved, they were saved (exported as .wav, just not as audacity project).

Cheers for the comments :slight_smile:

You could save having to click the “No” button 4999 times by not starting a new project each time. Just press Ctrl+A (select All) the Del (delete) rather than closing the project and opening a new one.

You “could”, but you would run out of disk space sooner or later because all the data for those deletes is still stored in case you undo the delete.

If the edits were the same edits over and again and were on the whole file, you may have been able to use a Chain to process the files automatically.