2 Questions for a Newb (Exporting, viewing effects in use)

So i recorded some parts of a song, and i exported the file, i tried to email the wav file to my friend and it says the file is to large to email. Its like 34MB or something, should i try and make this an mp3 or something so i can email it, any thoughts would help.

Also, if i save a file that has multiple effects on it and i go back into the file to listen to it, is there anywhere i can see what actual effects i have on this track, or do i need to write down what im using. I was hoping maybe there is something i can click which will list the effects. Thanks for the help guys, Birk

MP3 is a bad format for production as there is a loss of sound quality each time it is encoded, but it is good format for delivery as the file size is much smaller than WAV files (typically around 10% of the size). 3.4 MB may still be too large for an e-mail, but there are free file sharing sites that you can use for sending large files such as:
Please take care when uploading or downloading from file sharing sites. “Free” sites are often supported by adverts that may try to trick you into downloading, registering or purchasing something that you don’t want. All users are especially asked to take care when downloading any files from the internet so as to avoid malware. Windows users should ensure that their antivirus program is enabled and up to date.

You may be able to recognise some of the effects by the sound, but there is no “list” of effects used, so if you need an accurate record of what has been done, write it down.

Thanks Steve, i have viewed files before from using those sites but never uploaded, i will try it out. And i figured that was the case with the effects, that would be a great plus, but i will take what i can get, and im sure after a while i will recognize all the effects. Thanks for the help, appreciate it.