2 Mics that i am confused?

Hello community,

I am confused of 2 microphones. Which do you prefer? http://www.gitarpazar.com/se-x1 or http://www.gitarpazar.com/RODE-NT1-A-Genis-Diyaframli-Kondenser-Mikrofon


They’re both good microphones. It doesn’t really matter which one I prefer - it’s more important which one you prefer. If you go to a real (not on-line) shop, they may be able to demo them for you.

The NT1 does not appear to have switchable high-pass filter and volume attenuator. If that’s important to you then it’s the SE-X1. I know someone who has an NT1 and they like it very much.

I do admit a leaning toward a microphone with “sex” in the title.


I havent opportunity to go a shop, becouse where i live is a so small city. Thats why i asked here, thanks anyway.

SEX1? :wink:

Thank you.