2 FTF USB Condenser mics, one podcast show, one computer

Hi! I’ve seen a few threads out there but didn’t really see a solution (my apologies if I missed it).

Just revamped a podcast, 2 people, myself and a guest. I downlaoded this app, and for the first few had my guests bring in their laptops and download the app, so we can run my mic to my computer and their mic to theirs. Works fine, but seems a little awkward to do each time moving forward. I’m not tech savvy necessarily when it comes to audio, so bear with me. But is there a mixer of some sort I can buy that’ll take both mics and then go straight to my computer, only needing one computer?? Also, bonus question, is it possible that this mixer can take a 3rd mic, as I plan on having up to two guests and myself in the near future.

*update- my MacBook Air won’t even read the 2nd FTF condenser mic at once, it’ll only acknowledges one mic at a time.

Thank you for your help!!!

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