2 constructive suggestions for this board:

  1. Add the [Solved] feature to “Post options” - this really cuts down on excessive reads and aids the searcher for genuine solutions.

  2. Allow sigs, but mandate that they are monochrome, fixed text, and contain only your systems’ specs and/or a single line of non-commercial, non-offensive single line. The former would also would assist debuggers; the latter, well… :slight_smile:


Ubuntu 10.04 LTS & Windows XP-SP3 - (1) 2.8 G/2G RAM/ATI HD2600,512VRAM/SIS AC97 OB Audio (2) 2.9 G/3G RAM/NVIDIA 9500GT,1024VRAM/SB AudigySE Audio (3) 2.3 G/2G RAM/NVIDIA FX1500M,256VRAM/Sigmatel HD Audio

Thank you for your suggestions.

Sigs were allowed until recently, but too many abuses were happening, so now only forum crew/staff is allowed to have a signature.
We deal with tons of spam everyday, and we have zero tolerance on spam. Disabling signatures for regular users was, unfortunately, a necessary measure.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll bear it in mind though there can be problems adding features that don’t come shipped with the forum software.

Any registered user who starts a topic can mark their issue as “SOLVED” by

  • going to their first post in the topic in question
  • clicking “EDIT”
  • editing the Subject to add “SOLVED”
  • then clicking “Post Message”.