!.2.4. on Windows XP - various: play, export, genre

Playing long files (~30 min) causes alternate left and right channel output in bits. Cure seems to be to zoom in, until window holds only about 1 sec of waveform; them it plays correctly, but navigation becomes tedious.

Export window in unhelpful. On Export Multiple, it just says “exporting entire file as an mp3”, which is plainly untrue. More useful would be “exporting track n of m as an mp3”, with, if possible, an additional progress bar for total progress.

The Genre drop-down list is almost unusable; The entries are in random order. Could they please be ordered alphabetically, possibly with a primary division into classical, jazz and pop? The classical divisions should be something like chamber, orchestral, choral, acapella, symphony, concerto, opera and perhaps vocal.

Are anhy of these fixed in 1.2.6? or 1.3.x?

Tim Gossling

Unless I’m very much mistaken, this question seems to be in English :astonished:

Audacity 1.2.4 is obsolete - try a current version.