2.4.2 Linux directory structure

I installed 2.4.2 from Flatpak on Linux Mint. I’m seeing a couple of confusing issues regarding the directory structure for plugins and the manual.

On Effect > Add / Remove, (except for the built in plugins) each plug in is listed twice. One pointing to /usr/share/audacity/audacity and the other pointing to /app/share/audacity/plug-ins. First, there is no /app level directory at all, so I don’t know where this is supposed to be. Second, the install did not create a /usr/share/audacity directory, therefore this doesn’t exist either. So I don’t know where the plug-ins are or how to manage them.

Second question is where do I put the downloaded manual? The download screen says to put the “help/manual/” directory in /usr/share/audacity. As above, that didn’t exist, so I created it. But when I click on Help > Manual, I get a popup that says the manual doesn’t appear to be installed. What do I do.

Thanks for any help.

That one has something to do with the Flatpak “sandbox” environment.
We don’t make a Flatpak and I don’t use Flatpak so I don’t know more than about it.

That’s for a normal, installed version of Audacity. Flatpak will be different.

Ok, Thank you. It sounds like I might be better off building it from source? The unofficial PPA only gives you 2.3.3 and there appears to be no other way to install 2.4.2 other than Flatpak or build-from-source. Do you know if the all plugins (nyquist etc) are included in a build or is those all separate downloads as well?

Yes they are.

If your version of Mint is based on Ubuntu 20.04, then these instructions should work: Building Audacity 2.4.2 on Ubuntu 20.04

Well that was quite the education. Installing wxWidgets, cmake and a number of other dependencies but 3 hours later I got it done and everything appears to work just fine and as expected. Thank you for the help.