2.3.3 on Win7Pro, records on one but not the other

Thanks for your attention !
I have to computers running Windows 7 Professional and Audacity 2.3.3 with one not recording any audio.
I have Mic options under Windows WASAPI and there are only two options that appear identical, "Speakers (High Definition Audio Device) (loopback).
When choosing either one I and then clicking on Record icon (or use the “R” key) a track appears to be in a paused (at least not recording) status.
I can clearly hear the video playing (YouTube, Vimeo or even a local MP4) but no actvity shown in Audacity.
Even when “Click to Start Monitoring” shows NO ACTIVITY EITHER.
The microphone level is maxed out.
Sound Activated Recording is OFF.
When I turn on the Software Playfthrough the cursor moves and a recording (of silence) is made.
I run OBS and it records audio and video without any special settings.
(OBS running simultaneously on OTHER computer along with Audacity has no ill effects)

Sorry if long-winded. I searched others having somewhat similar issues and none of those items (applied) resolved my issue.
I have rebooted twice and made sure no other media recorder (OBS) was running.
Quietly(notso)Content :smiley:

Please post your “audio device info” (see: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/help_menu_diagnostics.html)