2.3.3/2.4.0 rc0x update ffmpeg v4

In 2.3.3/2.4.0 rc0x we have to use a 6 year old ffmpeg 2.2.2 (from may 2014).
Is there any possibility to update Audacity 2.4.0 to latest ffmpeg v4?
And also to allow using other ffmpeg future versions easily by selecting the new version of avformat dll, other than an imposed version, like avformat-55.dll.
Thank you

You can use any version of FFmpeg you like if you use the Export using (external program)

See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/exporting_to_an_external_program.html


The problem is read not export.
If you try to open an m4a file the ffmpeg is required.
Because of this the user have to add ffmpeg to the program folder, but only ffmpeg 2.2.2 is working because it contains avformat-55.dll
How I can use ffmpeg v4?

FFmpeg will either be updated or replaced some time in the future, but there are a lot of competing issues vying for the attention of the Audacity developers, and there are very few Audacity developers.

Currently, FFmpeg v4 is not compatible with Audacity, though you could use FFmpeg v4 outside of Audacity (either from the command line or in another app) to convert your files to WAV format.

Thank you all very much for answers.
One more question: is there any link for downloading ffmpeg 2.3.6 (the latest containing avformat-55.dll)?