2.3.2 Crashes exporting mp3

Audacity will crash on every attempt to export audio.
The Audio I am exporting Is from a recovered file, but I have also attempted with resaved versions of the recording
It will go through the entire progress bar of exporting, close the progress bar window and then crash without exporting the file.
I have the log provided below if anyone can help me with this issue
log.txt (1.96 KB)

Most of those “error messages” are for FFmpeg which is unrelated to LAME or MP3 (and unrelated to your problem), but I don’t know how to interpret them all.

Just to clarify - Have you tried exporting to WAV? I assume your problems are unrelated to MP3…

The Audio I am exporting Is from a recovered file

So, this is just one corrupt project, right? You can successfully open a known-good WAV or MP3 and re-export with a different name, right?