2.3.1 Bug Change Tempo

Windows 10. This does not happen in 2.3.0.

Make a selection on two or more tracks.

Change Tempo

7% change
Quality does not matter

Expected result: All tracks shrink by 7% uniformly.
Actual result: The first track shrinks by 7%. Other tracks shrunk more.




Your screenshots do not tell the full story. Please provide step by step instructions to illustrate the problem.

My apologies. I thought that what I showed, describing my actions and then showing the screen captures were sufficient. Perhaps this video will better explain and show steps.


How very peculiar. I can’t reproduce that, but I’m not on Windows, so it could be a Windows specific bug.

There’s a bug report for a different bug in Change Tempo, which was Windows only, and that has been fixed in the current development code. I’ll have to get hold of a Windows machine to test this.

I can reproduce the problem on Windows 10.
The first selected track is correct. All other selected tracks are having the effect applied twice.

I’m surprised that no-one else has reported this problem. It “may” be cause by the same bug as the one I mentioned in my previous post. I’ll need to check whether it is fixed in the current development code - if it isn’t, then I’ll log it as a new bug so that it will hopefully be fixed in the next Audacity release.

In the meantime, the workaround is to apply the effect to one track at a time.
You may find the “Store” and “Retrieve Selection” feature helpful (https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/select_menu_region.html),
along with “Ctrl + R” to repeat the last effect.

I’ve checked the latest alpha version of Audacity (the development code) and the problem has been fixed, so you should see the fix in the next Audacity release.