2.2.2 will not record in Windows 10.

Hello all, I’m trying to digitize my vinyl. Tested Audacity 2.2.2 on my wife’s laptop (Win10), and it worked fine. Will not record on my desktop, also Win10. The computer sees Line In, I’ve tried two different 3.5/RCA cables from receiver to computer, and two different receivers. When I hit record there is no waveform, just a straight line.

The computer sees Line In

The computer and Audacity sees it, right? Did you select line-in as your [u]Recording Device[/u]?

You can test it by [u]Listen to This Device[/u]. If it’s working you should be able to hear the turntable without running Audacity or any other application.

Yes, Line In is selected as recording device. I did try the Listen function but got no sound from the computer’s speakers. Thought I might have failed to select the proper output channel in the receiver, but no combination of output selection and output jacks helps. I am (slowly) downloading an audio driver now.

Fixed! Turned out to be the Realtek driver, working fine now.