2.2.0rc1 pin button not updated across projects

A minor issue.

  1. Open audacity 2.2.0rc1
  2. create something, say 1 minute chirp
  3. ^N to create a new project
  4. create something, say 1:30 noise
  5. pin it
  6. play it
  7. Alt-Tab (I’m on win10) to 1st project
  8. play it

1st project shows unpinned but plays pinned. I presume that the pin state is global, but is not updated across projects when it is changed. I don’t know if 2.1.3 did this, I’ve only just discovered pinning :slight_smile:

Not a big deal.
Commit Id: 58f07d of Wed Oct 25 15:06:35 2017 -0400
Installed via .exe

Phil Mayes

Ooh so it does - good catch Phil :sunglasses:

Just tested it on the proper 2.2.0 release version on my W10 Home laptop and indeed the same happens.

I’ll be logging this on our bugtracker (probably tomorrow as I have a gig to go to very shortly).

Thanks for reporting this.


I’ve logged this on Bugzill as P2 Bug #1769 “Pinned play-head button not updated across projects”: https://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1769

Once again thanks for reporting that Phil - and a nice clear bug report with clear “Steps To Reproduce” (do you fancy a part-time volunteer job as an Audacity tester?) :sunglasses:


Yes, I’d be happy to help out. I’m a semi-retired developer: assemblers/C/C++/Python, so I know what a bug report needs to contain.