2.2.0 bug

In ver 2.2.0 and previous versions, audacity will crash when I use shift-right arrow to move the cursor while playing.
It only happens when I hold those keys down for quick movement through a large file. Single hits will work normally.

I use linux arch (xfce4).

Are you using PulseAudio for playback?
Try selecting the appropriate “hw” option in the device toolbar as the playback device.

I do use pulseaudio. It plays ok. Pressing shift-right arrow works if pressed once, but crashes if I do multiple shift-right too quickly.

additional info:
When run from a terminal I get the error:
audacity: src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c:3641: PaAlsaStreamComponent_BeginPolling: Assertion `ret == self->nfds’ failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

Also, if I change the output stream, I get no audio, but the crash doesn’t happen.

Seems to work ok after I installed pulseaudio-alsa plugin.

I get the same crash message using Audacity 2.2 on PCLinuxOS but only when recording with software playthrough of input set to on (Preferences, Record Tab). I’ve got separate installations, with and without pulse audio, and the same thing happens in both cases. I found this forum when I put the error message into a Google Search.

After an update to 2.2.1, the problem occurred in a different form, as long as I set the recording play through. I solved the problem by working out how to monitor the sound independently of Audacity.

On Linux, Software Playthrough is not normally required because PulseAudio can provide that. “Playthrough” should only be enabled in one place, either in Audacity, or in the sound system (usually Pulse). If both are enabled, they will fight for access to the audio hardware, and Audacity will probably lose (crash).