2.1.3 Win10 - Fine selection of file [SOLVED]

Hi, at first, thanks for this channel of contact and support.

My main use for the Audacity is cut parts of musics, trimming the empty begin and end, fadding, and removing advertisement on the file (cutting).

For do this, I select (with mouse or cursor - using shift and arrows) the desired part of the file for edit.

It’s all still working ok, BUT…

I don’t know if I press some bad shortcut or if this began after the last update…

For now, I can ONLY select one second, and the most times I need to select less than one second :frowning:

What config I have to change to do this ?

Here one print showing this, I’m trying to cut only 0,25 of an second, but the all second are selected and I cant select less than this…
Very thanks

It’s the “Snap To” setting. http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/selection_toolbar.html#snap

Very thanks, its helped me a lot !!!

After create this topic I also see other thing, if I change the “audio position” for the “hh:mm:ss + hundredths” this also work that the way that I wanted…

But I use the “hh:mm:ss” option, end putting the snap to “off” it’s work !

thanks again. Doubt answered, if you want, close the topic.