2.1.3 minor bug in Preferences?

After installing 2.1.3 and going into Preferences, the Pref window seems to default to the original minimum size and as a result, the Functions are in view to the left, but the hotkey Assignments are WAY beyond the Pref window boarder to the right, making in necessary to `drag´ the Preferences window bigger or scroll the view horizontally. So the Perf window doesn’t retain its size and position?

The behavior in 2.1.2 was… the default Pref window would show both Functions and Assignments without dragging or scrolling. In other words the two columns were narrow enough to fit in the default Perf window frame. Is this true? or am I losing my mind?


At a guess, you may have duplicated copies of Audacity effects due to running Audacity from different folders. If there are duplicate copies, Keyboard Preferences lists the path to each copy, and this will greatly extend the width of the first column.

If you have duplicate copies, exit Audacity and delete the pluginregistry.cfg file in Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Audacity\ .

If you don’t see that folder, type




into the Explorer address bar then press ENTER on your keyboard.