2.1.3 Installation Aftermath Problem

OS is HP Business Windows 7 x 64. Installed 2.3.1, then used the Control Panel Uninstall Window in an attempt to uninstall 2.1.1. When finished the desktop icon disappeared and both program names disappeared from the Uninstall Window and the Startup program list. The icon remains in the lower toolbar, and the program functions. Successfully downloaded streaming and exported audio. Ordinarily, I’d uninstall and reinstall in a similar situation, but that’s not possible using the ordinary method. Has anyone dealt with this before? Also, when I try to preview, I get logged out of my account!

We do not make Audacity “2.3.1”.

Uninstalling 2.1.0 or earlier removes the listing for any later Audacity versions in Windows Programs and Features. That should not happen if uninstalling 2.1.1 or later.

You may still have unins000.exe in the 2.1.3 installation folder. If so, run that then reinstall 2.1.3. If not, then simply reinstalling 2.1.3 into the same folder should still tidy things up and put an entry for 2.1.3 in Programs and Features.


unins000.exe is not in Audacity x86 folder. So, does “reinstall 2.1.3” mean to install 2.1.3 again despite the program being in installed and running?

It is entirely your choice what you do. If the lack of an entry in Programs and Features concerns you, as appeared to be the case from your first message, then I suggest you exit Audacity and reinstall Audacity 2.1.3 into the same folder.

That would be standard practice if for example you wanted to reset Audacity settings - just check (tick) the Reset Preferences box half way through installation.


Thanks for that specificity. Problem solved. FYI, logging in and posting a reply is still a problem. To post this message, it was necessary to log in twice, and I’m not even going to think about previewing this post. The last 2 times I tried that, I was automatically logged out and the message was lost. Cheers!

Is your browser retaining cookies correctly?

Or you might need to clear corrupt cookies. See http://forum.audacityteam.org/faq.php#f0r10.