[2.1.2][U16.04] Screencast voice male / female

I am not sure if this could something very stupid with respect to developer point of view. I do a lot of screen casts. My voice is not among the best. I am neither pro enough to edit the tracks every time to make it look better. Will it be possible to have a default male / female voice scheme that support adding voice (content ) to it for similar purpose ?

Audacity has no tools, filters or effects that can change your voice. Almost all posts that want us to change between male and female (or adult and children, etc) fail. Realistic spoken word processing is specialty software. We can damage your voice, but I’m guessing you don’t want that.


I am not sure I expressed myself clearly. All I want to do is that to improve my voice. Just like default scheme for video conversion software. You get presets like iPad, Android etc. Something along the same line like you have some preset for " Narration " which can be applied a recorded audio clip.

Announce a sample clip. 20 seconds and post it.


“Make me sound like an announcer” is a popular request, too.

Unless you’re doing something technically wrong, there isn’t a lot we can do to help. Announcing/presenting is a specialized branch of acting, not a filter on a sound mixer.

It’s true we can moderate problems like a natural screech or some wet mouth noises, but most top announcers combine a natural vocal presentation with acting.