2.1.2 - Export Unsigned 8bit - STATIC [SOLVED]

hey everyone … when I attempt to export to Unsigned 8bit … generic export, nothing special … no mods, no alterations, just record and export … there is all of this static all over. The recordings are fine, export to any other format is fine, just when I export to this generic Unsigned 8bit version … and the vendor (Comcast) requires this format, so I can’t just give them another format … I have attached a sample

The file plays fine in Audacity on Windows and Mac. I suggest you ask Comcast for further details of the format that they actually require. Perhaps they meant to ask you for U-Law or A-Law which is automatically 8-bit.


Hey Gale … figured out the answer … it was mostly just me being a bonehead user.

Yes … they require a u-law, 8Khz, 8-bit, mono configured wav file … I was not properly setting it to 8000 (8K), and was not exporting out as u-law, in the other compressed formats. Once I did this, all of my changes were there properly, and the static was gone. Happy customer … and I now can easily do this for any of my Business Voice Edge (BVE) customers. You didn’t really answer my question, but you did force me to look inside and seek the answer, so thank you :smiley:

We couldn’t answer your question until you got back from Comcast to tell us the format they actually wanted. And U-Law can be 6000 Hz or 8000 Hz. But we did guess what base format they wanted.