2.1.2 - Export Unsigned 8bit - doesn't keep mods

I’m trying to edit a simple wav file … editing goes great, and it sounds great during playback … think I have it all good … then need to send it out for Comcast specs … Export/Other uncompressed files-WAV Microsoft-Unsigned 8bit PCM … and it exports … updates as a new file, but it is exactly the same every time. None of the effects I added, none of the volume changes I made, none of the silence generated and replaced … I can delete parts of it, but any modifications besides that do not get exported. What am I doing wrong?

Export the track from Audacity with a new, unique name. After you have confirmed that the exported file is correct you can rename the file.

Hi Steve … thanks for the reply … but it just does the same thing … it creates a new file, with exactly the same content… the audio file, without my modifications, no silences, no amplification, no volume changes. Only deletes. Anyone experience this? Is this just a bug?

oh … and additionally … had already tried that, even tried saving in different locations, with different names … even tried creating a new project, importing the newly saved WAV file and then editing again, and saving it as something completely different … always the exact same thing … AND … if I save it as a different (Signed 16Bit, 24Bit, other WAV file), my changes are in there and the file works great. Except I can’t use it … I have even tried importing one of those, and re-exporting it … still does the same thing … it is very weird :open_mouth:

There’s something wrong with this picture.

Please give me some exact steps so that I can reproduce what you are seeing.

Agreed … Exact steps…

  1. Create a new projec file
  2. Import a WAV file … any type … into track 1
  3. Edit it - remove any leading or trailing space, generate some silence where there is some unnecessary noise, amplify the track, cut/paste, whatever … just edit it like you normally would
  4. Save the project file
  5. File/Export Audio (there is only the single track, so I don’t need to do anything special)
  6. Save As - completely different name/location/etc… / No tags / File type: Other uncompressed files / Header (WAV Microsoft) / Encoding - Unsigned 8-bit PCM
  7. Save
  8. Edit Metadata screen (do nothing there) … just hit OK
  9. It exports the file … as intended

The issue is … the file has deletions and items like that … but does not have any of the Effects or Amplification settings … it is exactly the same … every time

OK, so I started with this file:

I then trimmed off the four quiet strums at the start to leave the one longer and louder strum, and exported as unsigned 8-bit WAV. This was the result:

Then I amplified the track using the default setting (which was +6 dB), and exported again as unsigned 8-bit WAV and got this:

Does that work for you?

your example is a great one. Did you actually go back and listen to the last two exports? Notice the same size of file in the last exports. The first one was just trimming and removing stuff … that works for me too … but the moment I try to use effects (generate silence, amplify) or just simply change the output volume … that is what doesn’t get saved. So my question would be … did you go back and listen to the last two exported files that have the same size (153.88) … I bet you they are exactly the same, and the (+6) amplification is not there.

6dB is not a big difference, but as a professional sound engineer, yes I can hear the difference very clearly.

Hmmm … yep … I hear your difference in the files … well, I don’t get any difference at all … it is exactly the same file, same everything, without the edits I have made. I’m on a Mac, running Sierra, 2.1.2 … can you think of anything else I could be doing wrong? It seems like a pretty simple thing … and since it works to other exports (nearly every one I have tested), that is what made me think it was a bug … ideas?

How are you listening to your 8-bit files?

Also you do realise that 8-bit files only have half the dynamic range of 16-bit don’t you - the quietest sound 8-bit files can represent is -48 dB.