[2.1.2] - Can't paste in Metadata fields

Since updating to 2.1.2 I’m unable to paste in the fields on the metadata box.

(CMD +V) no longer works. It did work in 2.1.1

Paste works for me on El Capitan if I double-click the cell to open it. This is the same as in 2.1.1 and even 2.0.0.


Hi, sorry I forgot to mentions I’m on Yosemite. (10.10)

It did work for me in 2.1.1 but now it’s not at all?

Export (Commad Shift E)
Choose mp3 format
Meta data box opens
I click the “Clear” button
Double click a field, and I am unable to paste in any text I have previously copied.

If it’s working for other people would you have any idea why that might be?

Sorry to revive an old thread I have posted, but I found the issue wasn’t with pasting text into the metadata fields but rather the Copy from file Export, Save window. (Where you type the exported file name) I would normaly CMD+C to copy, but this no longer works, as do any shortcuts, CMD+A for example.

Right click and Copy via the context menu works but the keyboard shortcuts just don’t seem to work in this particular field.

Yes and Yes. The right-click workaround is good.