2.1.1 won't load [SOLVED]

I have been using 2.1.1 to archive my extensive vintage vinyl lp collection. Today it just won’t load on my laptop. It’s a Lenovo G50 and has been working quit well. The Audacity logo box appears then nothing. I just installed 2.1.1 on my desktop PC and it work fine. I have completely removed and re-installed the laptop and still no go. Both machines have the latest Windows 10 updates installed. :question: :question:

Are you logging into Windows with the same user account as previously?

Yes, using the same account. However I just found that FireFox won’t load either. Some other programs will load. Don’t think it’s an Audacity issue now. Appears to be a Windows problem. Doing a restore right now as there have been a couple of automatic updates since last used.

OK, restore fixed it. Odd, same updates on the desktop PC and no problems. Must be some hardware, driver issues on the laptop.