2.1.1 Silent Install doesn't properly upgrade 2.1.0


I had v2.1.0 deployed to several machines. When I deployed v2.1.1 to them silently, it upgraded everything correctly but v2.1.0 still shows under ‘Programs and Features.’ There is no sight of v2.1.0 on the machine but Windows is still picking up the old installer information. Any ideas? I don’t remember this happening when upgrading to v2.1.0.


You didn’t use the dreaded “N” word, but you are doing all this over a network, right? Audacity isn’t always the most network aware package.


Yes, pushing it through ConfigMgr down to machines using the /VERYSILENT switch at the end of the EXE. Installs and works fine but you still see the remnant of 2.1.0 showing in ‘Programs and Features.’

If you do a /? on the EXE it lists all the supported switch syntax…

Just as a data point, you are using System Center Configuration Manager ?

Do you use or leverage the Audacity EXE installer or do something else?

Does the rogue entry in Programs and Features delete itself when you try to “uninstall” it?