2.1.1 on Win 10 plays only buzz or clicks [SOLVED]

Running 2.1.1 in Win 10 on a lenovo U430p that I upgraded from Win 8.1. Audacity worked fine on this machine with 8.1.

I ran the offered upgrade to Win 10, and other programs work fine. For example, EverNote can record and playback sound just fine, so my Win 10 seems to have the drivers etc hooked up correctly.

I uninstalled and re-installed Audacity and that didn’t change anything.

Audacity can’t play an MP3 that I import, nor can it play something it recorded. It sounds like maybe there’s a click for each zero crossing or something, because it sounds like an odd buzz of no particular frequency. The level meters seem to work OK, and the sonograph looks like Audacity is hearing what I’m saying, but any playback just comes out as a buzz.

It has been doing this ever since I upgraded a month ago, but I thought I would wait in case an update to Audacity came out and magically (OK, no magic, due to programmers hard work) would fix that issue for me.

Anyone have any ideas? YouTube plays fine, I can watch ESPN, EverNote records and plays as it always has. Stumped.

I uninstalled and re-installed Audacity and that didn’t change anything.

It won’t. Reinstalling Audacity doesn’t reinstall Audacity. In the re-install, it should have asked you if you want to completely start over, delete preferences or something like that. Say yes. If you don’t, all of Audacity’s preferences and settings will remain behind.


Thanks Koz, that did correct the issue.

For anyone who finds this in the future, currently It’s a two step process to reset the preferences -

  1. Tick the box indicating that you wish to reset preferences before the install runs, just after the license acceptance I think it was. The same screen with create desktop icon.
  2. After the install runs, the last thing before the install process terminates, it will ask if you really meant it when you ticked that reset preferences box earlier. I assume it doesn’t ask this of you have not ticked the box earlier.

Thanks again Koz,