2.1.1 not working on 10.10.5

I just installed OS X 10.10.5 today as well as the latest version of Audacity, but unfortunately it won’t open. Not quite sure what’s going on, especially since 2.1.0 was working flawlessly just a few hours ago, but here’s the output from Console:

7/17/15 3:59:08.533 AM Audacity[4777]: WARNING: The Gestalt selector gestaltSystemVersion is returning 10.9.5 instead of 10.10.5. Use NSProcessInfo's operatingSystemVersion property to get correct system version number.
Call location:
7/17/15 3:59:08.535 AM Audacity[4777]: 0   CarbonCore                          0x9b6ef291 ___Gestalt_SystemVersion_block_invoke + 135
7/17/15 3:59:08.535 AM Audacity[4777]: 1   libdispatch.dylib                   0x9c36b0b5 dispatch_once_f + 251
7/17/15 3:59:08.536 AM Audacity[4777]: 2   libdispatch.dylib                   0x9c36c0d8 dispatch_once + 31
7/17/15 3:59:08.536 AM Audacity[4777]: 3   CarbonCore                          0x9b66869d _Gestalt_SystemVersion + 1050
7/17/15 3:59:08.536 AM Audacity[4777]: 4   CarbonCore                          0x9b6677c0 Gestalt + 150
7/17/15 3:59:08.536 AM Audacity[4777]: 5   Audacity                            0x00462ae2 _Z14UMAInitToolboxtb + 50
7/17/15 3:59:08.536 AM Audacity[4777]: 6   Audacity                            0x0046843c _ZN5wxApp10InitializeERiPPw + 44

Audacity does not officially support pre-release operating systems, however, perhaps something here may help:

Is this still a problem or has something in the links Steve gave fixed it?

The “Gestalt” warning is probably not directly relevant to Audacity not launching - I am still on 10.10.2 and see the same warnings for Audacity, Firefox and other non-Apple apps. This http://www.edenwaith.com/development/devlog/index.php?p=57 explains the warning quite understandably - ideally it’s something we should fix (that is, use the new operatingSystemVersion method to determine version of OS X on Yosemite, but use other fallback methods on earlier OS X).