2.1.1 freezing-up, must reboot

Hi, still going well with Audacity,

Though in the past week I had two freeze-ups of Audacity requiring a reboot of Win-7 to remedy. It probably has to do with running VLC Media Player beforehand, or a file being open or playing in VLC. Not sure of the exact conditions. It could have been from trying to start a second session of Audacity before the first session rendered itself on the screen.

Any hints?


You can have multiple Audacity windows, but not multiple instances of Audacity running at once.

If Audacity(s) , or any other program, causes Windows to freeze,
rather than reboot , go to Windows “Task Manager” , (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) , and end the problematic program [“end process”]…
Audacity in Windows 'Task Manager'.png

Thank you, I do open Task Manager a lot, with Ctrl+Shift+Esc but killing tasks in this case would not remedy.

So that means, you can Ctrl+N for NEW window, but DO NOT double-click the Audacity icon a second time?


That’s correct : don’t launch a second instance of Audacity.

Probably driver or hardware problems, if you mean that Windows then becomes non responsive. See http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_errors.html#reboot.

Even if you can quit Audacity in Task Manager but Audacity still freezes up until you reboot, it suggests a system problem, perhaps with memory.

You can double-click the Audacity icon but in 2.1.1 all it will do is switch back to the existing Audacity project window.

What it should do is open a new project window (in the same instance of Audacity).