2.06 Ticking sound while recording

When Trying to record I get a tick tick tick tick etc… constantly…its consistent like a machine gun. (aprox 2-3 ticks every second)
I’ve used audacity for years without problems. I recently had to reinstall windows 7 from home to professional…
I’ve downloaded more that one version of audacity. (old and new versions)
I’m stumped. any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Audacity doesn’t make a 2.06. That’s a bogus version. Which version exactly?

Which microphone, which computer type, which cables etc?

Pretend I’m trying to do exactly what you’re doing. How would I do it? What is the show?


I think it’s my webcam mic. I have the same problem in other programs… :blush:

Somebody must have waved a magic wand. There are multiple postings from people whose microphone appears to have crashed. If you changed everything, cable, computer, software, and the problem remains…


What is the name of the exact name of the mic that you select in Device Toolbar?

Does it need any drivers reinstalling? Check that on the manufacturer’s site.

Have you restarted the computer recently?