2.02 tracks return to zero when exported

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i need to know am i doing something wrong… After using 1.3 beta and getting on nicely with it, i up graded to the 2.02 … But im having problems exporting tracks … where as the 1.3beta would mix and render “silence lines” between 0 position and the beginning of the track… it now drops the recorded track back to zero, which is a bit of a pain when sharing stems with other users online and swapping between media like FL… i’ve looked in preferences but haven’t found a toggle on or off… im getting around this by dropping a small piece of track at 0 point … but this seems a little long winded when tracks start heaping up …is it me or is it the new version and if so … will there be a mirror soon for the 1.3 beta again … as it did what i wanted … Has anybody else been experiencing the same issue?


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If, for example, you time shift a track to match another track, exporting that one single track will make the time shift vanish because there is literally nothing there between zero time and the first note as long as the reference rack is missing. I thought they all worked like that, but maybe not. Time Zero may be a special case.

We’ll see what the other elves think.

You could send the Audacity Project. That should go with all the gaps and shifts in place, but remember Audacity Projects do not save UNDO.


This is a known issue.
One of the developers thought it was a good idea and committed the change somewhere back in the late 1.3.x versions.
It does have some advantages for some users, but is a pain for people that are swapping tracks between DAWs.

If all of your tracks start after time=0, there is a simple workaround:

  1. Ctrl+A (select All)
  2. Home (move cursor to start)
  3. Generate > Silence (add 1 second of silence to the beginning of all tracks).

(If any tracks start before time=0 you can use Ctrl+A to select all, then use the Time Shift tool to drag all of the tracks to the right so that they do start after time=0).

Sort if figured all that … thanks for your quick replies …


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